quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Go behind-the-scenes on the Olivia Palermo shoot as she models Matches' Freda collection!

Who are Olivia's fave designers? What would she never leave home without? And who are her style icons? Find out more about Olivia's style in the quick Q&A below!
What do you think the difference is between New York and London style?
Each city is unique in its own way.
Would you ever consider a NY-LON lifestyle, and if so where in London would you live?
Johannes and I spend a nice amount of time already in London. I think in time we will most likely have a flat in London, as for which area, it really depends on what we both decide we know which area's we like and will see what works for us.
What would your travel essentials be?
Birkin, ballet flats, a blazer, fur scarf.
Who are your style icons?
I admire fashionable girls from different cities around the world. I enjoy seeing seeing how different cultures are expressed through clothes.
Who are your fashion ones-to-watch?
Bensoni, Susan Woo
Take the classic white top and jeans combo - what would one piece would you add to make it your own?
A nicely tailored blazer.
What are your favourite London hotspots?
Nicole Farhi for lunch, Zuma, roka, E&O
What are your favourite NY hidden treasures?
I prefer not to disclose or they wouldn't be hidden.
Tell us your top 3 must-haves for SS10?
My Be&d bag, Charlotte Olympia shoes, and a beautiful Marchesa dress.

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