quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

I LOVE Aqua by Aqua

Aqua is a fashion forward thinking brand, boasting twelve in season collections per year designed by Ryan Holliday-Stevens.

Its hard to describe a brand that moves as fast as Aqua but if you're looking for hardworking pieces with a nod to the future then go and visit their stores in Leeds and now also London....or online in aquabyaqua.com and Asos.

For me is one of the best brands to dress to impress, dare and be sexy all together.

I let you with some of their best dresses .... and tell me what you think!!!

You've got here some fashionable choices for New Year's Eve .....soon i will let you with s'more ;)

3 comentários:

  1. E que bom gosto tu tens, Rute!!!
    Esse branquinho, na fosse eu ter uma PdA ao ar livre e seria uma escolha do género!

  2. sooo pretty! thanks for sharing this brand!it willl absolutely look great on you! Hey Rute how can I add you in fb?

  3. Just discovered your blog and love it! Now following you xx