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5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Closet Will Appreciate

Wear more of what you’ve already got, or donate what you don’t wear to charity. Think about your closet in its entirety. Now think about how much of that entirety you actually wear in your everyday life. If there’s good stuff that’s just collecting dust — or worse, taking up space that could be occupied by garments you’d actually wear — then take it out and give it to someone who could use it.

Buy for your taste, not trend appeal. If a trendy, of-the-moment jacket isn’t sewn to last, buying it might turn out to be a waste of money. It’d be even worse if you bought something super trendy from a high-end label and you don’t wear it that often.

Become better friends with your dry cleaner. You might not have to send your shirts out to be pressed every week, but that doesn’t mean whoever professionally cleans what needs professional cleaning can’t be a regular part of your clothes’ maintenance. With all that stain-fighting, garment-improving knowledge, your dry cleaner should certainly be able to impart a little wisdom that’ll guide your efforts in the laundry room.

Remember what you’ve already got. Building a wardrobe can be a lifelong enterprise, and like any magnum opus, your closet should be chock full of references to who you are. Buying an outlandish sweater just because you look good in it is fine, but if it doesn’t play nice with the shirts and skirts you’ve got back at the house, it’ll stand out. In a bad way.

Don’t take your clothes too seriously. Seriously. What’s the point of getting dressed in the morning if you’re not having fun?

From: Styleite

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  1. I'm going to print these all out and post them in my closet tomorrow! Awesome ideas!

    Love your post! Great suggestions!

    xx Erica

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  3. Hi! I totally agree with you! Fashion is about having fun!! Kisses and happy 2011!

  4. oh well, the picture of the closet is sooo envious!!! I love it and the post is worth soemthing to think about=)Happy New Year Rute!